Friday, 22 January 2016

Your Everything

If you or better yet, a stranger took a good look at your everything, what would they say it means? 
Would it mean you're ...

a lover of the King?

I have had the phrase "everything means something" in my head for about a week now and it was just tonight when I asked myself and God, is it true? Do I believe that everything means something? 

I think it's good to know why we do what we do. 

If a complete stranger took my everything

my conversations
my actions
my use of time
my thoughts
& even
my prayers

what would they say my everything says about me?
what would they say your everything means about you?

As I'm writing these words, I feel challenged. I've decided I believe it. I believe that my everything means something and I believe your everything means something too.  
Everything, right down to the way I interact with the grocery store all points to something. Certainly we are human and can not be perfect in character at every moment. However, I do have to ask myself how often I let the challenges of life get the best of me and start letting "my everything" point in a direction that I'm not meaning for it to. 

At any point, we can change the direction that our everything points to. ------->>>


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