Tuesday, 3 November 2015

But first......time with Him.

I didn't want to hang out with God this morning.....I mean, I did but I had a list of other stuff that has to get done and was ready to start checking things off as soon as I dropped the boys off for school. 
For around 7-8 months before I got married I was getting up between 5-6am to spend my time with God. That did not come naturally for me and was something that God laid on my heart to do and when I did it, boy was it good! Spending that quality time with Him in the early morning changed my whole life. Some of the things that shifted and moved into place, I could have never guessed would happen due to my getting up extra early to be with God. He knew though. He always knows the good things that will come from our obedience.
Once I got married everything changed, including the time that I would spend with God. I wanted to continue to get up at 5am to be with the Lord but it just wasn't happening for various reasons so the time I felt on my heart to be with God was after dropping the boys off at school. It makes sense that He would ask for my first available quality time. 
For some reason this morning I woke up excited about the things I wanted to get done today and just kept thinking about it while getting the boys ready and off to school. As I drove home I suddenly remembered that my first available quality time was already reserved for Jesus. My next thought was, oh no, what if He wants me to do something different than what I already have planned for my day. What a silly thought, right? I mean, if the King of Kings who loves me more than anything and always wants what is best for me has a different plan than I do, I should jump for joy and get excited to hear what He has planned for me. 
I didn't feel that way or think those things. I did decide that I would stick to my commitment and start on my 'to do' list after my time with God. 

The sun is shining bright this morning and in our living room we have two huge windows that take up almost the whole wall. So with the glowing sun beaming in, I turned on my worship music starting with Ever Be. Friends, the moment I lifted my hands in praise my own desires began to fall away. I didn't hope for that or even expect it. I actually planned on worshipping, praying then getting on with my day, my well planned day. I wanted to get those things on my list done for two reasons but my motivating reason is that it would feel good. 
As I began to pray and tell the Lord that I want my hearts desires to be one with His, I felt joy and a delightful lightness which I'm sure was better than I would feel after getting my whole list checked off. Isn't God just so good!? 
His plan is always better than our plan. Always. Even when it doesn't make sense. Actually, especially when it doesn't make sense. 
Each morning I come to the Lord asking Him to fill my cup to overflowing. I physically cup my hands together and raise them up, then I wait. Often times I think about how there is only so much room in my hands. If it's filled to overflowing with love, hope, patience, grace, mercy and joy then there isn't much room for anger, spite, frustration and other negative things. I want His goodness to push out all the negative fleshly stuff that might get into my day.  I'm always in need of more grace, patience and understanding for my family and each person I cross paths with in a day. 
I want to encourage you to give some quality time to God in your day, not because it's a rule and as Christians we need to follow the rules but because He is so good and on the other side of that quality time with Him, there is goodness and freedom. 
God did change my day today and as much as I thought I would be frustrated not getting stuff done, I'm sitting here feeling great about sharing my heart with you.  
^^^^^ HE > I ^^^^^
Less of me, more of you God.
Now I'm gonna go make some jewelry!
I love you friends, thanks for reading.
OOOO <----- hugs from Sue


  1. Beautiful words, thanks so much for sharing

    1. Heather! Well it's just the sweetest that I would find you reading my little blog. Thank you :)