Wednesday, 21 October 2015

The Whisper

First I want to thank you for being here! Thank you for reading the overflow of my heart, I hope it lifts you up today. 
I usually keep this type of thing for just me to know but my heart is truly overflowing and I guess I feel like it’s worth putting it somewhere. 
Time to dive in..... Today before picking the boys up I was working on Cedar & Honey orders and almost had customs forms filled out for our orders to the USA but had to run out to get the boys from school.  I brought orders and the forms with me thinking I would finish in the car then head to the post office. I gathered the boys then we got in the car and of course my little munchkin  announces "I have to go pee". I knew we needed to head home to avoid a mess. Although Ozias has been potty trained for years now, I didn't want to invite a mess or put him in that terrible position of having to hold it....and all the ladies said amen! Anyways, to my delight, husband was home from work which meant I could drop off the boys and be on my way. 
Stick with me friends, I promise I will get to the warm fuzzy giving part. 
I arrived at the post office which is actually in a drug store and as I was walking towards the door to go in a woman and four boys, looking to be between the ages of 6-12 yrs old were also walking up. I found myself looking at her and each boys face and remember folks....I'm on a mission's time to send off orders. So, I know there is something about this crew that I need to pay attention to since normally I would just go on my way. As I walked past them into the store I heard it......

the. still. small. voice.

The voice in my heart was telling me to give her a $20 dollar bill from my wallet. I half smiled because I love it when God does this to me. He catches me right in the middle of my being busy and whispers. While prompting me to do something for this woman, it also felt as if He was asking me if I was listening for Him and at the same time hugging my heart and telling me that He is always with me. 
I told the Lord I would wait on him for perfect timing and went on to get my orders sent off. I did just that then wouldn't you know it, just as I'm reaching the front of the store I see that the woman and her boys (at this point I had heard her refer to them as brothers and sons so I knew they were her kiddos) are just cashing out. I quickly asked Holy Spirit if I should give it now, half wondering if maybe her card would be declined or something. 
I felt that I should wait for her outside the store instead of giving it to her right then. As I walked through the last door to outside I reached inside my wallet and folded up a twenty. Just a few seconds later, there she was standing outside with me although at this point I'm pretty sure she hadn't noticed my being there. Without thinking I turned around, looked at her and reached my hand out saying "this is for you". Looking stunned she took what was hiding in my hand and when she realized what it was she asked me "why are you giving this to me?" to which I replied (wholeheartedly believing it was the words her heavenly Father wanted her to hear) "because you look like a busy mom that could use a break". As the words came out of my mouth I found myself moved by them and I knew giving her the money was just as much about giving her the word that God had for her. I believe He was also telling her "I see you". I'm praying right now that she would reflect back on that moment and those words and know just exactly the message God was giving her. She may never know just exactly how Holy Spirit lined things up so that we would be walking in and out those doors at exactly the right time. Praying she still feels and knows that He did orchestrate all of it. I smiled at her sweet face then went on walking to my car. Oh IS better to give than to receive! I truly felt as if I was the one that was just given way more than twenty dollars. Just as I opened the door to my car I could hear the woman shout "God bless you". Little did she know, He just did. 

Do you know that He sees you too? My sweet friend, he does see you and all that you do. You are not alone, you are seen by God and while he sees every little bit of you that makes you uniquely you, He loves what he sees. 
Praying that message sinks deep in your heart and mind and when you feel unseen or alone that these very words would float to the front of your mind and once again sink deep in your heart.

OOO <<<----- hugs, from Sue


  1. Thank you for sharing! I look forward to reconnecting soon! Hugs!

    1. Well thanks for reading Kate! I'm excited to reconnect as well :) xo

  2. Awe Sue...thanks for sharing this delight. I am blessed by your transparency and encouragement as you allow God to whisper into your life, thereby, affecting the atmosphere around you. Stay ever so close to The Heart of The Father allowing The Beat of His Heart to penetrate the walls of yours as you shine on for Him.

    as you carry Holy Spirit into the world around you. Shine on girl

    1. Thank you so much Dianne! Beautifully written encouragement. xoxo!