Friday, 15 January 2016

Salt & Light

Do you choose a word for the year? Or maybe a statement? Or a bible verse? What makes you choose the word that you decided on? It's a big whole year of this one word being YOUR word.
Well I did choose a word this year, just as I have for the past 7 years. The first year that I chose my word it wasn't really me that made it all happen. Well, let me explain that. I was in the middle of some major life changes that were just all negative.
Side note - this is where I get unsure of how much of my mess to share.....after all, my mess isn't the point of telling the story but without letting you in at least a little, you won't see the full picture. *Sigh* Here goes nothing.
My marriage of 6 years along with all the dreams I ever hoped for (as far as I knew it) was coming to an end. I didn't have anywhere to live with my 2 year old munchkin. I had alienated myself and therefore didn't have friends around me. Thankfully my parents and I were in good relationship but they were living 3 hrs away trying to start a new life of their own. My living situation got figured out but the rest was still a mess. My heart ached and all I could think for months on end was "how did I get here".  I kept going over my big decisions, then my small decisions and everything in between wondering if that was where I went wrong.   
At some point while trying to figure out my life the new year came around. I was never one for new years resolutions but this year something had to change. I decided that I would choose one thing to change. The problem was, I didn't know what to choose. It seemed that so much had to change. I took it to the Lord.  He lovingly told me that I needed to decide where I want to go, what kind of mom I want to be, what kind of daughter I want to be, the kind of people I want to be around and the list went on. It hit me. I need to live with intention.
That was my very first word for the year. Everything I did and every decision I made was filtered through the lens of "is this living intentionally". I would ask myself, does this decision line up with the way I have decided I want to live? It was a lot of work and made me so very aware of where I had gone wrong. 
As you can imagine, living intentionally in the mess I had was a pretty big challenge so it was my word for about 4 years in a row. I guess that kinda makes it not really a "word of the year" but I loved the habit that started from letting "Intentional" be my word. I found myself automatically using that filter when making decisions. It was a new way of life and became much easier with time.
Two other words I had were FOCUS and FOLLOW. They also changed my way of thinking dramatically and I'm so grateful for the new filters that were put in my mind. 
This year I have been so busy with life changes that I hadn't thought about a work for the year at all. I did however find myself wanting to write out and hand stamp "Salt & Light" constantly. I was thinking on it and reading about it in the word as well. I guess God wasn't going to let me forget to choose this years word - He even chose it for me. 
When I've found myself thinking about what being salt & light means to me, I am quickly thinking about my boys and my husband. I want them to feel a ray of sunshine and a good taste in their mouth when they think of me and with every connection we make I pray that I can be their daily dose of salt & light. 
This little misshapen silver button pendant is coming out in my new collection February 1st! It is misshapen to represent that we don't have to be perfect to be salt and light. 

Thanks for reading friends!
OOOO <<<------- hugs! Love Sue


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