Monday, 9 November 2015

A Prank?

Last week I had this fun thing happen that was lead by Holy Spirit and afterwards found myself excited to share the story with you.  As I kept thinking about it, I decided that I would just wait because not everything that happens is for sharing. 
However, this morning during my worship time I felt that nudge to share the story from last week even though what I really wanted to write about was how my husband loved me so well this weekend. Maybe more on loving well another time. 
So, last week I was taking my youngest sweetheart out for lunch. Eli wanted to stay at school to play with his buddies. It was no big surprise that Ozias chose Wendy's to go to for lunch. As we walked in I saw there was 3 teenage boys in line. Right away they suggested we go ahead of them which was fine by me. As I walked in front of them I could feel my heart behind them. I can't describe exactly what that feels like. I think normally I would just forget about them the moment I'm in front of them but I didn't. I was fully aware that they were there and as I acknowledged that, I heard that still. small. voice. telling me to buy them lunch. I actually went ahead with finishing my order then the still small voice got much much louder. I was going to do it after hearing the small voice but when His voice got louder I have to say, I got excited to do it.
I settled Ozias into his seat which was pretty much beside the cash then I turned to the boys and said "Hi guys, order whatever you want off the menu. I'm going buy you lunch today." 
I honestly didn't expect them to do much except order and let me pay. Their reaction was so fun to see. One of the boys tried to give me a few dollars - all he had to pay for his meal. Another asked things like"Are you serious?" "For real?"over and over. He even went to order then turned to me and asked if it was a prank. The five of us, including Ozias laughed while I explained to them that I was absolutely serious and there was no practical joke happening. Once they realized that I was serious and began to order their food, there was a seriousness that fell over them and they began to thank me over and over and over and over. Once each of them had ordered and I was paying they were talking to each other and asking why a stranger would want to buy them lunch. The tallest boy was telling the others that it must be Karma and that either they did something good and this is their payback or now they must go do something good. Like a stern but loving mama, I turned to them and explained "This is a gift and I'm giving it to you just for being here in this moment. You didn't earn it and you are not in debt to me or this world for receiving it."
One of the boys just couldn't take it....he asked me "but why are you doing this?" 
The words quickly flew out of my mouth " because it's nice to have someone buy you lunch once in a while."
They continued pouring out thank you's and I smiled then sat to have lunch with my sweet boy who was enjoying his food and not paying much attention to the whole ordeal after the laughing was over. 
I sat there wondering what was God doing. He is always going deeper than we are and He is always doing more than we think when he asks us to do seemingly random things for others. I began to pray into what had just happened. I prayed that what God was doing would sink into their hearts and that they would later, in a quiet time reflect and know that it was their heavenly Father loving on them. Once I had started to think about what God may have been doing, I wondered if one of them or all three maybe needed to feel a mothers love or perhaps that feeling of being provided for. I'm ok with not knowing the details. Just getting to see those three teenagers turn into laughing, grateful boys was enough for me. 
OOOO <<<------- hugs from Sue


  1. You rock your own days girl....stay true to yourself in ALL things. You are shining THE LIGHT around like a beacon for God.